About Us

Learn more about the Columbia Graduate Consulting Club (Graduate Consulting) 

A Few Words about Consulting

Consultants are people who give advice in a specific field. There are many different types of consultants and consulting firms, such as financial, management, IT, and HR. Consultants are problem solvers who are able to identify areas of improvement in an organization and provide recommendations. Organizations and companies value consultants for their expertise and their ability to provide objective viewpoints when addressing challenging problems. 

Our Goal and Mission 

The goal of Columbia Columbia Consulting Club is to help graduate students, post-docs, and alumni learn more about and prepare for careers in consulting. In addition to hosting case practices, Columbia Graduate Consulting Club also organizes recruiting events, workshops, panels, and other events that give our members opportunities to meet consultants, learn about the industry, and develop the skills needed to be consultants. Please refer to our calendar for when upcoming events will take place.

Club Events 

Columbia Graduate Consulting Club hosts a general meeting for all members once a semester and a holiday happy hour every year. These events give members the opportunity to meet each other and learn more about the club. In addition, CGCC hosts regular (approximately weekly) case practice workshops. Please refer to the Event page for our upcoming events.

Benefits of being a Member 

Columbia Graduate Consulting Club members receive priority access to all major events hosted by the club, subscription to the club's mailing list, and access to the case archive. 

Join Columbia Graduate Consulting Club Today

We welcome members from all backgrounds, including advanced degree students (MA, PhD, JD, MD, etc), post-docs, alumni, and experienced professionals. 

Columbia Graduate Consulting Club has three types of members. please email [email protected] to register.  

1) Current Columbia University advanced degree students and postdocs
There is a $30 membership fee. You must provide a Columbia University email address to eligible. If you are unable to pay this fee, you may apply for a fee waiver. Only current Columbia University advanced degree students and postdocs (including MA, PhD, MD, JD and other advanced degree students) are eligible for fee waivers. 

2) Columbia University alumni members
There is a $40 membership fee. You must provide a Columbia University email address to eligible. 

3) Non-Columbia University members 
There is a $50 membership fee. Columbia Graduate Consulting Club welcomes the involvement of students from other universities as well as professionals who wish to switch fields. 

Former Members / Alumni 

Did you find a job in consulting? Please fill out this form for Alumni registration. This information helps us track the club's performance and also gives you the opportunity to give back to the club. We promise this information will be kept confidential and you will not receive unsolicited mail from us. The alumni information will never be made public or given out.