Why does CGCC have membership fees? 

CGCC membership fees go towards funding club operations and activities, including the CGCC case competition, consulting skills workshops, networking socials, and other events. These fees allow CGCC to offer reduced rates or free admission to all events. 

How can I practice cases?

CGCC hosted case practices give members an opportunity to find case practice partners. Some case practices will have case leaders who will help introduce case interviews to newcomers. Please be sure to bring some cases,  paper, and writing tools. If you would like to practice outside of CGCC case practices, you may also sign up on the CGCC spreadsheet to find partners who can practice with you during times that fit your schedule. 

What do we offer in our weekly case workshops? 

Group casing will be led by a facilitator. During this hour, attendees will receive basic training of case interview and will have the change to answer case questions on a rotation basis. This is good for those who are at VERY beginner level (less than 10 cases) and want to learn more about the flow of a case interview.

Pair-up casing is designed for those who have some case experience (10+ cases). Attendees are paired up in twos, and each receives a case (provided by CGCC) given by his/her partner. A series of mini-presentations will be given as part of the event. 

What is the pro bono consulting project?

CGCC strives to offer students with real-world, hands-on consulting experience. Selected applicants will work in small groups to address some of the major challenges faced by various businesses. 

Current projects cover industry analysis, with a particular focus on the biotech sector. The analysis report includes but is not limited to market research on the competitive landscape, product, and pipelines. We also provide our members with the opportunity to interview CEOs at biotech companies. 

All CGCC members, including advanced degree students, young alumni, and postdocs from Columbia--and elsewhere--are welcome to apply. Candidates should be serious about pursuing opportunities in management consulting and are willing to commit ~10 hours per week (hours vary by project). Approximate duration for the current project is one month and a half. 

What is the Columbia Case Competition? 

Columbia Case Competition provides a platform for participants to showcase their problem solving and presentation skills and allows consulting firms to connect with aspiring consultants. This one-day event will feature teams of graduate and professional students from top U.S. schools and consultants from premier consulting companies.

Please go to the website for this year's case competition. 

Do we have a LinkedIn page? 

Yes. Please follow us on LinkedIn

How do I manage my mailing list preferences?

You can manage your mailing list preferences using these instructions

How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list? 

If you would like to leave the mailing list because you found a job in consulting, please fill out this form for CGCC Alumni registration. This helps us track the club's progress and will help us develop an alumni network. You will not receive any unsolicited email from us. There is an option to unsubscribe using this form. If you would like to unsubscribe from the mailing list because you are no longer interested in consulting or CGCC's activities, please follow the mailing list management instructions

Where can I learn more about management consulting?

There are many online resources to learn more about management consulting. Some popular sites include Victor Cheng's www.caseinterview.com, David Ohrvall's www.mbacase.comwww.masterthecase.com, and www.managementconsulted.com